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Router Bits for Machining Composites

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  1. Series 52-550 Solid Carbide and 40-550 HSS Upcut Spiral for Foam

    Series 52-550 Solid Carbide and 40-550 HSS Upcut Spiral for Foam

    Foam cutters for thick material with upward chip flow. Usage: Foam Series: 52-550 & 40-550
  2. 52-200BL Series Ballnose Router Bit

    Series 52-200B/BL Double Flute - Solid Carbide Upcut Spiral Ball Nose

    Designed for carving and modeling operations. The improved tip geomentry gives a superior cut compared to most ballnose endmills. Usage: Plastic, Solid Surface, Block and Plate Aluminim, Natural Wood and Wood Composites. Material: SW, HW, CW, SP, HP, A, SSP
  3. 52-000 Series 2 Flute Downcut Spiral for Composites

    Series 57-000 Double Flute-Solid Carbide Downcut Spiral

    Designed as a general purpose spiral with several times the life of their high speed steel counterparts. They are used when downward chip flow is prefered. Usage: Aluminum and Composite Plastic Series: 57-000
  4. 91-108 Replaceable Insert Spoilboard Surfacing Cutter

    Series 91-000/100 Spoilboard Surfacing Cutter

    Designed for surfacing MDF, particleboard and balsa core where "flow through" or "high flow" fixturing is employed using large capacity vacuum pumps. This method of surfacing spoilboards allows for much faster table planing. Usage: Aluminum, Plastics and Composite Wood Series: 91-000/100
  5. 67-200 Series 3 Flute Phenolic Cutter (two)

    Series 67-200 Three Flute-Solid Carbide Phenolic Cutter

    Equally adaptable to low or high spindle speed applications in any CNC machining environment. The free cutting action of these tools provides for better finishes and significantly lower noise levels. Usage: Phenolic Helix Angle: 10 Degrees Series: 67-200
  6. 29-100 Series Solid Carbide Honeycomb Hogger

    Series 29-100/29-100B Solid Carbide Honeycomb Hogger (ZRN Coated)

    Designed to be a versatile tool and cut most honeycomb core materials. The solid carbide body offers long tool life while the proven hogger geometry shreds the core and evacuates chips. The long flute length allows for deep pocket applications and can also be used to surface large areas. Usage: Honeycomb Series: 29-100/29-100B
  7. Spoilboard Surfacing Cutter with Integral HSK63F Shank

    Spoilboard Surfacing Cutter with HSK63F Integral Shank

    The integral HSK 63F shank eliminates the need for a toolholder and collet. Other benefits include greatly increased rigidity and reduced runout. This enables faster feed rates, longer run times and better finish.

7 Item(s)

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