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M42 HSS CentroFix Knives

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Good choice for general purpose planing of softwoods and domestic hardwoods).

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#SKUTersa Knife SizeGradePrice
155005050mmM42 HSSUS$6.56
155006060mmM42 HSSUS$7.11
155008080mmM42 HSSUS$8.10
1550100100mmM42 HSSUS$9.22
1550120120mmM42 HSSUS$9.55
1550130130mmM42 HSSUS$10.55
1550150150mmM42 HSSUS$11.95
1550180180mmM42 HSSUS$12.85
1550200200mmM42 HSSUS$13.27
1550220220mmM42 HSSUS$14.59
1550230230mmM42 HSSUS$15.18
1550250250mmM42 HSSUS$16.59
1550260260mmM42 HSSUS$17.25
1550300300mmM42 HSSUS$18.42
1550305305mmM42 HSSUS$18.73
1550310310mmM42 HSSUS$19.02
1550330330mmM42 HSSUS$20.26
1550350350mmM42 HSSUS$21.49
1550400400mmM42 HSSUS$24.55
1550410410mmM42 HSSUS$25.17
1550430430mmM42 HSSUS$26.40
1550450450mmM42 HSSUS$27.64
1550500500mmM42 HSSUS$30.71
1550510510mmM42 HSSUS$31.32
1550520520mmM42 HSSUS$31.93
1550530530mmM42 HSSUS$32.54
1550550550mmM42 HSSUS$33.77
1550600600mmM42 HSSUS$36.74
1550610610mmM42 HSSUS$37.35
1550630630mmM42 HSSUS$38.57
1550640640mmM42 HSSUS$39.19
1550650650mmM42 HSSUS$39.79
1550660660mmM42 HSSUS$40.41
1550810810mmM42 HSSUS$49.59

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(Cut precisely to length and Balanced), priced per knife, packaged in pairs. In stock for quick delivery.

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Manufacturer SAMVAZ sa
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