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Solid Carbide Tersa Knives

Quick Overview

Our Solid Carbide Tersa knives are specially produced with a significantly lower hook angle than those being sold by most of our competitors. They also have a highly polished face. These features result in much improved performance in hardwoods. Also good for laminated woods.

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#SKUTersa Knife SizeGradePrice
196105050mmSolid CarbideUS$20.88
196106060mmSolid CarbideUS$24.27
196108080mmSolid CarbideUS$31.14
1961100100mmSolid CarbideUS$38.47
1961120120mmSolid CarbideUS$45.80
1961130130mmSolid CarbideUS$49.50
1961150150mmSolid CarbideUS$57.25
1961180180mmSolid CarbideUS$68.70
1961200200mmSolid CarbideUS$74.65
1961220220mmSolid CarbideUS$81.98
1961230230mmSolid CarbideUS$85.65
1961250250mmSolid CarbideUS$90.68
1961260260mmSolid CarbideUS$94.81
1961300300mmSolid CarbideUS$107.63
1961305305mmSolid CarbideUS$109.46
1961310310mmSolid CarbideUS$111.29
1961330330mmSolid CarbideUS$118.16
1961350350mmSolid CarbideUS$125.49
1961400400mmSolid CarbideUS$139.23
1961410410mmSolid CarbideUS$141.98
1961430430mmSolid CarbideUS$149.31
1961450450mmSolid CarbideUS$156.64
1961500500mmSolid CarbideUS$167.28
1961510510mmSolid CarbideUS$170.38
1961520520mmSolid CarbideUS$174.04
1961530530mmSolid CarbideUS$178.62
1961550550mmSolid CarbideUS$184.12
1961600600mmSolid CarbideUS$197.86
1961610610mmSolid CarbideUS$199.69
1961630630mmSolid CarbideUS$206.10
1961640640mmSolid CarbideUS$208.85
1961650650mmSolid CarbideUS$212.51
1961660660mmSolid CarbideUS$215.26

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Original Swiss Made Solid Carbide Tersa Knives (Cut precisely to length and Balanced), priced per knife, packaged in pairs. Shipping normally takes approximately one week

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