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Tersa Knives

Tersa Knives

We supply only original Swiss made Tersa TM knives and cutter heads, Tersa offers the following advantages: Low noise due to minimal knife protrusion Knife changes in seconds Tersa replacement knives are available in many grades to suit your application (Chromesteel, HSS, M42 and Solid Carbide) Tersa knives are automatically and accurately adjusted and clamped by special gibs and centrifugal force No screws are required Tersa is versatile and easily adapted to most machines. Tersa cutter heads can be supplied with a bore or shaft and can be used with guide bearings for pattern shaping or edge reference cutters for moulders. They can even be supplied with spurs for rebating. Tersa is the perfect solution for planers, jointers, moulders and shapers. Resharpening is available for Solid Carbide Tersa knives Check with us for: Competitive pricing Quick delivery Experience (over 25 years selling the Tersa product) The best Solid Carbide Tersa knives available (see our description in the knife section) Have questions or require a size not listed here? Call us at 403-225-0908 or email us at or Text us at 403-815-3715.

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  1. HSS Tersa Knife

    HSS Tersa Knives

    HIGH SPEED STEEL (HSS) is only slightly higher priced than Chromesteel but is harder and much longer wearing. Same geometry as the Chromesteel knives. Good choice for general purpose planing (softwoods and domestic hardwoods).
  2. Chromesteel Tersa Knife

    Chrome Steel Tersa Knives

    CHROMESTEEL is the least expensive Tersa knife. High hook angle (28 degrees) for clean, quiet planing. Recommended for all softwoods and dirty lumber where the cost of the knives is of primary concern.

  3. M42 Tersa Knife

    M42 HSS Tersa Knives

    M42 is a Higher quality HSS knife with a reduced relief angle on the back edge of the knife. This results in longer run times than the standard HSS knives. Good for softwoods and hardwoods

  4. Solid Carbide Tersa Knife

    Solid Carbide Tersa Knives

    Our Solid Carbide Tersa knives are specially produced with a significantly lower hook angle than those being sold by most of our competitors. They also have a highly polished face. These features result in much improved performance in hardwoods. Also good for laminated woods.

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